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Make a lasting impression with a team-building Olympiad

Olympiads are an excellent way to strengthen team cohesion and spend some quality time with your colleagues. It's also a fun way to break down hierarchical barriers for a day, thanks to a series of activities and team challenges.


Immersed in a dynamic environment, these activities will enable your employees to develop their team spirit and have a great time together! Solidarity, coordination, ingenuity, and surpassing oneself will be the main qualities to emerge from this day, and which can be applied within the company.


Mana Événements takes care of everything, leaving you free to enjoy a day of seminars without having to worry about finding great activities for your employees or managing the logistics and coordination of the various participants.


Make your mark with an Olympiad!


Nowadays, many companies want to strengthen the cohesion between their employees: bonding, generating, and innovatively developing team spirit.


So how does it work? 


Employees have to outdo each other, using their collective intelligence to win as many victories as possible in the various challenges on offer. In concrete terms, several teams are created. Equipped with a roadbook, the teams compete against each other by completing several challenges. Each time you win a challenge, your team earns points.


At the end of the Olympics, the total number of points is tallied to determine the top 3 and the winning team. A gift is then distributed to the winners.

A wide range of challenges...


There's a wide range of challenges to suit every profile.

Some challenges are more athletic, others more creative, while others focus on very specific subjects such as musical culture, mathematics, etc...

This makes for a more universal team-building activity.


Finally, this team-building activity is à la carte. We send you a series of possible tests, and it's up to you to make your choice. We support you during this customization stage, but this allows you to choose the events according to the profile of your company's employees. You know your employees, their strengths and weaknesses, and we can adapt the event to make sure they have a good time.


Here are just a few of the events we offer:


Fort Boyard --- This event differs from all the others in that the whole team will not compete at the same time but in a duel. Each team member will face off against a member of the opposing team. The victorious team is the one that wins the most duels. The duels are puzzles and other tests of logic, rather like the Time Masters in Fort Boyard's dark room.


Advertising Casting --- Participants must create an advertisement for their company or for a specific product of their company, which must be a parody of a cult advertisement selected at random.


Tangram --- Using a tangram, participants must complete a series of compulsory figures in a relay. This is a blind relay event. Communication, observation, and concentration are required to win.


Blind test --- Music from a variety of styles and eras is played, and the first team to discover the performer and title of the song wins. An event that sets the mood at all costs. We even regularly award bonus points to good dancers and people who complete the lyrics when the song stops.


3D maze --- Using 3D mazes, marbles, and maze maps, participants must find the coordinates of a large sphere as quickly as possible.


Word Weights --- Participants are presented with riddles whose answer is a word without a determinant. Once the words have been found, they must be weighed. The sum of all the words is the code for the safe.


Of course, all activities can be adapted to your needs and expectations. The idea is to build this day together so that it can be like you so that it can be yours, and so that each participant can make it their own.

Many benefits!

For companies, the Olympiads offer many benefits, such as :

  • Improved dialogue between employees,

  • Development of team spirit,

  • An effective way to clear the mind and relieve stress in an original setting,

  • To get to know each other better, and thus inevitably work together more effectively in the future.

  • And bring out a group dynamic and thus achieve better results.


The advantages of this day :

  • Lots of interaction between employees

  • Highly dynamic throughout the day

  • Fun activity suitable for all groups


The disadvantages of this day :

  • If organized indoors, you need a large space to avoid getting in each other's way and to have plenty of room.

  • If organized outdoors, we are inevitably dependent on weather conditions (but we know how to be highly adaptable, as we have experienced several times, including in September for an event at the Domaine d'En Fargou in the Tarn region). 


Customer feedback:

 "The day was a success and the feedback from employees was very positive. They enjoyed the workshops and themes...even the pace! The day just flew by!

Thank you Lahiana for the high quality of the service, the availability of the animators, and the well-run organization. "


Would you like to organize a similar team-building activity for your company? Don't hesitate to contact us

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