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Ecotourism team-building with a deliciously vintage feel

Are you a small business looking for a team-building activity for small groups? Would you like to bond your teams and give them an original experience to boost their motivation?


The choice of activities on offer for very small groups is quite limited, as many team building activities require a minimum group size of 30 people to create a dynamic. For small groups, it's possible to book a room yourself for an escape game, but the idea of locking yourself in doesn't appeal? or reserve a table at a restaurant, but this lacks creativity. Studio MANA wants every event, no matter how small, to be a real experience, with that little something extra that makes the day stand out from the crowd.


We've got just the activity for you: the electric moke rally.


Designed as a team-building activity, your ride is punctuated by games in which you can win surprise envelopes containing the addresses of the next stages of the rally.


Last July, we organized this atypical team-building event for our customers: a challenge rally aboard an electric moke.


Reminiscent of the 60s, this Beach car with its deliciously vintage air is offered in a modern and totally eco-friendly version, since it's 100% electric. Offered on a gross rental basis from Montpellier and La Grande Motte by our partner Holimoke, Studio Mana, an event agency in Montpellier, has created a gamification dynamic to take advantage of these unusual vehicles and offer a real fun and participative experience for companies.

Employees were welcomed at the meeting point in Montpellier (accessible by public transport and with parking nearby, as well as bicycle and 2-wheeler parking) with a gourmet breakfast. It's always a good way to start the day. We set up a buffet with coffee, tea, fruit juices, and pastries.


During the Covid season, we of course provide the necessary hydro-alcoholic gel and "emergency" masks in case participants forget theirs (we refer to the reinforced protocol for professional events applied by the Mana agency on corporate events).


After a quick briefing (explaining the morning's schedule and getting to grips with the cars), the teams got behind the wheel of their electric Beach Car. They had to come up with a name for their team, and then take an original team photo to win the first envelope containing the address of the first stage. And off they went for the first session of the morning, with or without a soft top over the car, as they chose.


The morning followed on from this dynamic. They had to complete photo and video challenges to win the addresses of the rally's various stop-off points while discovering authentic, traditional places and enjoying tastings.


Participants drove between Montpellier Sud, Pérols, Lattes and Carnon (with the option of customizing the route), and at each stop a member of our team was on hand to welcome them and keep the game going.

We adapt the challenges to your company's needs by including nods to your core business, or by creating photos that mimic the letters needed to write your company's name.


All envelopes and cards are also personalized with your company's colors to develop a sense of belonging and further increase cohesion.

We take personalization to such an extreme that we can even adapt the tests to suit the characters of the participants. The idea is to build these challenges together, so that the team building and company day reflects you, is yours, and that each participant can make it 100% their own.


This personalization also gives you the communication tools you need to maintain the impact of the day after the event.


The day aimed to create a relaxed, convivial atmosphere while encouraging interaction between participants.

It was therefore only natural that the participants in this day of sharing decided not to take part in this team building in the traditional way of challenging each other, but rather to unite the teams to help each other. A fine example of cohesion and benevolence.


The cohesion was such that challenges were sent via ZOOM (a videoconferencing tool) to one of the company's employees who could not attend on the day. She was then able to take the photos remotely and send them to her colleagues, enabling them to win a stage.

The participants had a real experience behind the wheel of a car like no other. The kind of event that makes a lasting impression and brings people together. This team-building event organized in Montpellier enabled this company to create lasting memories that will reinforce the feeling of belonging to the company and team cohesion.


Thanks again to our customers for their trust


The advantages of this activity :

  • Fun discovery activity suitable for all groups (less divisive than a sporting or highly artistic activity, for example)

  • Ecological aspect with 100% electric cars


The minuses of this activity :

  • Much less enjoyable in bad weather, to be organized in fine weather.


Customer feedback:

"La fabrique organized our team-building day. We were delighted, it was perfect. In terms of organization, surprises, the way the day unfolded and the locations chosen. We had a great day and won't hesitate to call on you again as soon as possible. 1000 thanks

And Lahiana is very professional, smiling, discreet and at the top of the orga!"

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