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Why choose an event management agency registered with Atout France?

Dernière mise à jour : 21 févr.

At Mana Événements, we love reinventing ourselves all the time!

And this year, we're looking to go beyond organising corporate evenings, conventions and team-building events by organising our customers' corporate seminars.


And in line with our development strategy, we are delighted to inform you that Mana Événements is now registered with the Registre des Opérateurs de Voyages et de Séjours Atout France.


Atout France registration is a compulsory legal procedure for offering events that include transport and accommodation. Without this registration, an event agency cannot legally organise an event for you that includes hotel reservations or even a bus booking.


Obtaining this registration attests to the professionalism and reliability of the service provider, since it requires :

- taking out a financial guarantee through a bonding organisation

- Professional indemnity insurance specific to the tourism industry

- Compulsory training linked to this specific profession

- A moral and financial commitment. The events agency pays an annual fee and provides a personal financial guarantee.


At Mana Événements, we see consultancy as our core business. We believe it is essential to inform and guide you in your choice of agency for your next corporate seminar. This article highlights the importance of the Travel Operator's Licence and the Financial Guarantee in the events sector, ensuring the safety of your events.


The Financial Guarantee: Insurance for company seminars with complete peace of mind

Ensuring travellers' peace of mind is a priority when organising tourist trips or company seminars. The financial guarantee is a crucial tool in this context, offering essential protection in the event of default by the company providing the service (the agency, of course, but also its subcontractors). This may seem highly hypothetical, but the case was real in 2019 with the successive bankruptcies of Aigle Azur, XL and Thomas Cook.

Let's find out how this guarantee acts as a safety net for customers, focusing on its role in reimbursing package tourism services.

The financial guarantee held by Mana Événements goes beyond a simple administrative formality. It represents our concrete commitment to the security of your projects. So customers can embark on their adventures with complete peace of mind, knowing that their investment is protected.

Reimbursement of tourist services: a much-appreciated form of security

One of the main advantages of financial guarantees is their ability to reimburse lump-sum tourist services in the event of cancellation or company failure. Whether for individual holidays or corporate events, this guarantee offers a clear and transparent refund solution, boosting customer confidence in their choice of service provider.

Mana Events : A Committed and Certified Agency

For us, our customers' safety comes first. Only 47% of agencies organising corporate travel hold this licence. At Mana Événements, we are committed to this rigorous approach to guarantee your peace of mind. Our trained and certified team will take care of your group in accordance with industry standards.

Companies, particularly those planning seminar breaks for large numbers of participants, can find peace of mind in financial security. This is all the more crucial when major bookings are at stake. The certainty of reimbursement in the event of force majeure gives companies the confidence to organise events without fear of unforeseen financial complications.


The financial guarantee is therefore an essential pillar of peace of mind when travelling. By providing solid protection for travellers and guaranteeing reimbursement for tourist services, it strengthens customer confidence and offers companies considerable financial security.


Before choosing a service provider for your next trip, make sure you check that this guarantee is in place, as it can make all the difference to a positive, stress-free travel experience.


At Mana Events, we have chosen to comply with the requirements of the Travel Operator's Licence and the Financial Guarantee to offer you stress-free corporate events. Our moral and financial commitment, combined with our professionalism, is designed to guarantee you an exceptional and secure experience.


You can entrust your projects to us with complete confidence, because at Mana Events we think of the worst beforehand so that you experience the best on the spot.



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