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Our top 5 Team Building videos

The 5th wave has arrived... Times are hard and anxious for everyone.


You may have had to cancel or postpone your festive end-of-year events. But you can be sure that it's an equally stressful time for your tired employees.


This is no time to let them down. 


At the end of the year, they still need to be federated, brought together, and congratulated on their year.


Why not organize a team-building event for them?


It's true that in these difficult times, the majority of teams are teleworking, so there's nothing better than a virtual corporate event to encourage communication, team spirit, and the strengthening of social ties that every company is looking for internally. Creating contact and interaction at a distance is possible and, above all, necessary!


Since the beginning of the crisis, we've been looking for solutions to offer you turnkey virtual events, so that you can maintain this link between your staff despite the health context. The aim is to share moments with colleagues, get to know each other better, and encourage interaction between them, all of which are key elements of these digital animations.


Many service providers have updated their offer and gone digital.

We've now got the hang of it. We've been able to organize several team-building activities using video.


We'd like to share with you our top 5 team building activities to organize remotely:

The mixology box


The art of learning, understanding, and enjoying the world of cocktails from the comfort of your own home.


We offer you 3 boxes to receive at home, and to make alone or with others. Each recipe is tailor-made to match your brand's colors, themes, and values.


The aim is to offer a fun and playful moment around an activity to be done at home. Each session is led by an experienced, certified mixologist whose mission is to take you on a unique voyage of exchange.


Employees may be alone at home, but they're connected via their cameras, and our host gives them plenty of opportunity to chat with each other.

A visio escape game

The mission of this video game is to save the aperitif!

Throughout the game, employees will be divided into teams and accompanied by an animator to guide them. They'll have to get up to fetch everyday objects from around them, or get some exercise...


A fun and original way to keep in touch and encourage interaction, while enjoying a playful moment in a telecommuting context. Based on the principle of an escape game, participants will have to interact with each other effectively. They'll also need to listen and coordinate to solve the various stages proposed to them. It's a great way to relax and let go at this time of year.


We also offer other team-building scenarios via video. Please contact us to find out more.

Burger quiz


We've come up with a 100% offbeat event for you to enjoy while teleworking. An effective way to get together with colleagues, have a good time, and keep in touch with your team members.


The principle of the game is similar to that of the famous TV show: guests are divided into two teams, Team Ketchup on one side, and Team Mayo on the other, and each team answers a series of questions, each more offbeat than the last, to score the maximum number of points for their team.


The humor of the show is well respected in this animation for a 100% relaxed and convivial moment, the dream moment at the end of the year, isn't it?

Visio quiz


The great classic of company parties revisited to offer a moment of conviviality and cohesion to your telecommuting employees.


An ideal way to energize telecommuting and encourage exchange, with 3 question sessions on a wide variety of subjects requiring exchange and interaction between participants. At the end of each session, participants can also exchange views with other teams live, for an even more convivial atmosphere.


We can also personalize the questions to a specific subject, perhaps related to your business sector. We recommend, however, that you keep it light-hearted and avoid including too many work-related questions.

Visio who is who


This team-building activity aims to encourage employees to get to know each other better, through a fun activity that will put them in the spotlight. Each person fills in his or her profile in Chinese portrait form, and then the team has to discover "who's who" through the answers given by each person. The aim is to create a bond despite the distance and get to know each other better.

The participants, divided into teams, must first each answer a dozen or so questions determined together beforehand. Then, as a team, they have to find out who's behind their teammates' profiles. The aim is to create links and get people talking to each other. In the end, participants will have to get together in teams to try and guess who's behind the profiles of the opposing teams. So who will be the best profilers?

As you can see, whether face-to-face, virtual, or even hybrid, there are a host of possibilities available to you, enabling your employees to exchange ideas even at a distance.


Don't hesitate to contact us to discuss and adapt the format to your needs.



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