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Organising a corporate seminar in Istanbul: a business trip that combines work and discovery

Need a break from the hustle and bustle and a change of scenery for a company seminar? Istanbul is your ideal destination, urban and trendy.

Just 3 hours 30 from Montpellier or Paris, come and explore this multifaceted city for 3 days!

This cosmopolitan capital, straddling Europe and Asia, will win you over with its cultural diversity and oriental flavour.

Choosing Istanbul as the venue for our next company seminar means offering your staff much more than just a destination: it's a real immersion in history and culture. Istanbul, an emblematic city with roots rooted in over 2,000 years of history, takes us back through the ages, from ancient Greece to the Ottoman Empire. Its breathtaking architecture, a testament to this rich blend of civilisations, promises an experience of wonder around every corner. By organising your seminar in this fascinating city, you are offering your employees much more than professional training: you are offering them an unforgettable experience, where work meets discovery, stimulating their team spirit and creativity.

Example of a turnkey programme for your 3-day seminar

-Day 1

Don't miss out on the most beautiful mosques!

-To do this, head to Sultanahmet, the centre of Istanbul's old town, in the heart of the city's historic centre. This district is home to most of the city's monuments and tourist attractions.

The must-see Basilica of Saint Sophia, a Byzantine church built in 537, which became a mosque in 1453 and is now a museum. Let yourself be carried away by this imposing building, by its size, its architecture and the beauty of the mosaics and frescoes inside!

The Blue Mosque, famous for its six minarets and its interior adorned with the blue earthenware that earned it its nickname.

-Stroll through the largest covered market in the world, called the Grand Bazaar of Istanbul, a veritable labyrinth of narrow streets. Here you can find everything from jewellery and carpets to spices and lanterns.

-Below Sultanahmet Square, you can visit the Basilica Cistern dating from the Byzantine era, and finish your visit to the historic centre with the Topkapi Palace, which was the residence of the Ottoman sultans for over 400 years.

-Day 2 :

Let yourself be tempted by a tasting of fresh fish or other typically Turkish dishes under the Galata Bridge:

Linking the Eminönü district, the historic centre to the south of the Golden Horn, and the Karaköy district, to the north of the Golden Horn, the Galata Bridge is a favourite haunt of local fishermen and is full of brasseries and restaurants.

Take the opportunity to visit the 67-metre-high Galata Tower, which offers a panoramic view of Istanbul, with spectacular views of the Golden Horn, the old town and the modern districts.

Behind the Galata Tower, Istiklal Street is one of Turkey's most famous streets. Adorned with numerous historic buildings and shops, it stretches for over 1 kilometre and is crowded the whole way. It leads to Taksim Square, a lively place day and night, surrounded by numerous cafés, restaurants, bars and shops: take the opportunity to have a drink on one of the many rooftops, overlooking the Bosphorus and the city.

-Day 3:

Embark on a trip along the banks of the Bosphorus to discover the continent of Asia. From the boat, you can admire the contrasting shores of Istanbul, see the palaces of Dolmabahçe and Beylerbeyi, as well as the Leander Tower and superb Stamboulian houses.

-The Asian side of Istanbul on which you will be mooring is less touristy and more residential. However, it also offers plenty of places of interest to discover.

 You'll arrive in the Üsküdar district, where you can visit the Beylerbeyi Palace, which was the summer residence of the Ottoman sultans.

Kadıköy is also a popular place for people from the Asian shore. It is home to many restaurants, cafés, bars and shops. Kadıköy Market is a popular place for local shopping, including spices, seafood and fresh produce.

6 team building ideas to strengthen the bonds between your employees at your company seminar

1. Photo rally in the old town: Divide the participants into teams and organise a photo rally through the picturesque narrow streets of Istanbul's old town. Each team will have to solve riddles, find iconic locations and take creative photos as a team.

2. Turkish cooking class: Organise a Turkish cooking workshop where employees can learn how to prepare traditional dishes such as kebab, mezze or delicious desserts like baklava. This will encourage collaboration and teamwork while discovering the local culinary culture.

3. Treasure hunt in the Grand Bazaar: Send the teams on a treasure hunt in Istanbul's famous Grand Bazaar. They will have to solve riddles, interact with local shopkeepers and find specific objects as they explore this bustling market.

4. Cruise on the Bosphorus with team activities: Organise a private cruise on the Bosphorus and offer team activities on board, such as quizzes on Turkish culture, mini-art workshops inspired by the scenery or brainstorming sessions on future projects.

5. Cultural escape game: Create an escape game based on the history and culture of Istanbul. Teams will have to solve riddles and challenges linked to emblematic places in the city to succeed in escaping within a set time limit.

6. Interactive guided tour: Hire local guides for interactive tours through Istanbul's historic districts, where participants will have to interact with locals, ask questions and complete tasks to learn more about the city and its inhabitants.

These team-building activities will provide a memorable experience for your employees while strengthening team bonds and promoting collaboration.

To conclude:

Istanbul is a destination rich in history, heritage and activities that will not leave you indifferent.

If this presentation has convinced you, all you have to do now is get your trainers and rucksack ready and contact us so that we can organise your trip together.


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