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From La fabrique to Mana, retrospective 2021

2021, the year of renewal. A year of questioning for many after the Covid crisis, of refocusing and positioning.

So what happened for us in 2021?

La fabrique à jour J has become Mana


2015 saw the birth of La fabrique à jour J, a new player in the Montpellier area's corporate events market. It's been a wonderful adventure, with wonderful encounters and fulfilling experiences.


Then, in 2020, a disruptive virus paralyzed the entire world, changing the face of our business. The events industry and the global economy in general came to a standstill.


January 1, 2021, decisions have to be made. It's the perfect time to question ourselves. What do we do?


The events sector is in dire straits, with a huge amount of uncertainty about the months ahead.


Passionate about communications in the broadest sense, we decided to broaden our skills and take advantage of this period of uncertainty to get some training.


So we embarked on several training courses simultaneously:

  • Copy-writing and writing for the web

  • Digital marketing

  • Social networking in its broadest sense, with specific modules on Facebook and Instagram

  • Emotional intelligence


And then events caught up with us. The requests came in, and the machine started up again in a surprisingly natural way. We were caught up by the demands.


We'd like to take this opportunity to extend our warmest thanks to all our loyal customers, who have been with us from the start and have never let us down.


With all these training courses behind us, and having broadened our field of vision, it seemed only natural to relaunch La fabrique à jour J.

Why change your name and positioning?


As a reminder, La fabrique à jour J was created in 2015. At that time, the positioning and values of the agency were not the same. The world has evolved, we've all evolved and so has the company. So we needed to refocus the agency's image so that it was totally in line with the offer we wanted to make to companies and our new positioning.


So, in 2021, La fabrique à jour J reinvents itself and becomes Mana, événements positifs. An agile, creative, responsible and strategic agency.


This re-birth needed a new page to write.


Our passion remains intact. Since 2015, we've been committed to using events to strengthen the bonds within your teams and create powerful emotions. Emotions to create more than just events: participative experiences.


Mana was born out of a desire to position ourselves further upstream in the organization process, offering real support to our customers. As such, our events agency is a real asset to our customers, helping them to organize an unforgettable and impactful event, as well as providing upstream strategic thinking: advice on the best event format, the best solutions, etc...


Our vision of events is based on the experience to be enjoyed by participants and on global support to ensure that the event is part of a real strategy.


Our loyal customers return our calls, new ones arrive... it's time to consolidate the team. 

Mathilde arrives as production manager. She's smiling, available, responsive and proactive in anticipating your every need.

Alessia is our back-up in the field. She supports us on all our events, and her help is invaluable.


Why this logo?


You'll have to ask our favorite graphic studio and communications agency, Artim in Montpellier.


Brand identity is their business. Victor and Mathieu are friendly and full of good ideas.

We had a very specific brief, with a desire for colors that were both lively and soft, and above all the name Mana, which is so symbolic for us.


A little secret between us // The 5 lines have 3 different meanings:

  • The sun's rays, because to experience one of our events is to receive a good dose of energy.

  • Wide eyes, generating emotions for the famous Whaouh when arriving at events

  • The face of a clock, for the right moment in your day (and the meticulous management of your event for perfect organization).

Retrospective 2021


So there you have it, the events have come thick and fast, and we in the Mana team are proud of everything we've been able to organize:


  • Great days of seminars in fine weather, with frenzied Olympiads in some of the world's most beautiful locations.

  • An electric Moke rally 

  • A seminar day at Salagou with paddle, kayak and pedal boats

  • Halloween decorations at the Polygone and 2 days of workshops and activities for almost 400 children, all in less than 2 weeks.

  • Lunch and team-building events in the wilderness, organized without access to water or electricity.

  • Operations to encourage blood donations with the Établissement Français du Sang (French Blood Establishment)

  • And the list goes on...


Above all, we have succeeded in adapting to a persona that has inevitably changed as a result of this crisis. Customers who anticipate less, who call on us late in the organization process and who limit expenditure to limit risks and damage in the event of forced postponement.


And above all, customers who need to be reassured, with an even greater need for proximity and feeling at the heart of our relationships (but that's our favorite part, creating sincere and solid bonds with the people we work with).


Today, we work more upstream with customers. We're seeing a certain mistrust due to the uncertain health context, and as a result, customers are inviting us to take part in drawing up the communication plan, to think about smaller, more regular events, rather than big one-shot events that would have too heavy an impact on company management in the event of cancellation.


This allows us to be much more relevant in our proposals, and to build a long-term relationship with the customer, which is much more rewarding and pushes companies ever higher. Including small regular events on the life of the company appeals enormously to employees and maintains team spirit.

A turbulent end to the year


Let's face it, the end of the year was more complicated than expected.


We had 7 events scheduled, and only 2 operations were maintained. We've been hit hard by this 5th wave, as have all our colleagues in the events industry, to whom we wish good luck.


But we remain positive: events are not canceled, but postponed. We'll be adapting them and standing by our customers to support them as best we can.


So here we are, staying on course and keeping our spirits high!

Setting course for 2022


We've reached the end of the year. It's time to look back on 2021, a year that fills us with pride, and to set our sights on 2022. And it's safe to say that the year ahead will be just as beautiful and surprising as 2021 was.


 We have quite a few projects that we'll be revealing to you little by little:

  • In January, we kick off the year in style with the move to our new offices.

  • New events in the pipeline, with some great collabs to come (poke Yellow June)

  • Events in production

  • And more surprises to come


So let's stay connected via our blog and our various networks, and don't hesitate to contact us to receive our newsletter


In the meantime, we wish you a very happy holiday season.

Believe in your dreams and your star.


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