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Improving cohesion
by focusing on the long term

What if we organised internal communication events within your company to improve cohesion and collective intelligence? 

When the internal serves the external: the new rational consumption is about companies where it is good to work. Organizing internal events allows you to keep your talents, attract new ones and win new consumers. 

Internal communication aims to stimulate your employees and make them want to give their best and increase their involvement. 

It also allows employees to get to know each other better in order to communicate better and to manage the social climate in order to keep it as good as possible.

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- Improve working conditions and therefore limit absenteeism and turnover 

- Employees are more motivated, more united, and therefore you increase the productivity of your company

- You stand out from the competition by working on your employer brand for better recruitment and better retention of talent.  


The principle is not to rely on "one shot" unlike "classic" events but on several shorter, interactive and intimate moments to accompany employees over time.

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Workshops & animations

There are many workshops and events on offer. It is not always easy to choose for others, nor is it possible to organise a broad consultation in advance.

With our experience, we can help you to identify the most suitable themes or formats, depending on the context, the target audience, the size or the maturity of your company. The easiest way is to contact us.

Discover some of our workshops

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Some of the events are face-to-face, others are digital to vary the formats and content. This digital offer also makes it possible to bring together teams that do not work on the same geographical site. 

At any time, depending on the health context, you can replace the activities initially planned in person with digital activities. The aim is to never lose the link with your teams.

We offer free personalised diagnostic meetings to advise you on the best event strategy for your company.

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Everywhere with you...

Montpellier and all over the world

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